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SAP Hana

How to use user credentials for SAP Hana project
  1. Download and Extract Project:
    1. Download the project zip file.
    2. Extract the file to access the project folder.
  2. Open SoliteraTA Tool:
    1. Open the SoliteraTA tool on your system.
  3. Import Project:
    1. Click the plus (+) icon under the environment section in the SoliteraTA tool.
    2. Use the ‘import project’ option.
    3. Click on the ‘Browse’ button and open the extracted project folder to import the downloaded project.
  4. Prepare Test Data:
    1. Expand the imported project to find the ‘Test Data’ file.
    2. Open it and enter the user credentials in the respective fields.
  5. Execute Scripts:
    1. Navigate to the script editor section.
    2. Execute the automated scripts of the project as needed.

Disclaimer: SoliteraTA is solely an automation tool provider and does not have any affiliations, partnerships, or associations with any third-party applications for which we provide automated test cases.

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