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SoliteraTA Command Line Interface (CLI)

Introduction #

The SoliteraTA CLI is a tool for executing test cases written using the SoliteraTA tool. After execution, it generates a detailed JSON report for review. This command should not be used when SoliteraTA is running. Also, you should not run SoliteraTA after you have executed this command as this will cause issues in execution. 

Requirements #

Basic Usage #

The SoliteraTA CLI command requires several arguments to be passed for successful execution. These include few mandatory argument :

  • SoliteraTA.exe: Must perform on SoliteraTA launch file. 
  • cli: Must use this to perform using cli. 
  • -executionName=[execution-name]: Name of the execution.
  • -executionLocation=[execution-location]: The location where the execution report and screenshots will be generated.
  • -elementFilePath=[element-file-path]: Path to your element file.
  • -applicationFilePath=[application-file-path]: Path to your application file.
  • -testdataFilePath=[test-data-file-path]: Path to your test data file.
  • -scriptFolderPath=[script-folder-path]: Location of the scripts for test case execution.
  • -headlessMode (Optional) : boolean value. true if headless execution is required.
  • -browserCloseOnFailure (Optional) : boolean value. true if browser should be closed even in case of failure
  • -timeoutSeconds (Optional) : Provide in seconds to add dynamic delay. Default value is 30(secs). 
  • -highlightColor (Optional) : Provide a hashcode of color to use in screenshots to highlight elements. Default value is #FF0000.
  • -imageBaseFolderPath: Provide folder path where your images are stored. Images should be available in a folder with a subfolder having name crop and crop images of main images should be available in the crop folder. 

Sample Command #

SoliteraTA.exe cli -executionLocation="C:\Users\HP\Documents\soliteraTaProjectsUpdated\SoliteraTA_Playground\executionData" -elementFilePath=C:\Users\HP\Documents\soliteraTaProjectsUpdated\SoliteraTA_Playground\Default_Release\element\Element.env -applicationFilePath=C:\Users\HP\Documents\soliteraTaProjectsUpdated\SoliteraTA_Playground\Default_Release\application\Environment.env -testdataFilePath=C:\Users\HP\Documents\soliteraTaProjectsUpdated\SoliteraTA_Playground\Default_Release\test_data\Test_Data.env -scriptFolderPath=C:\Users\HP\Documents\soliteraTaProjectsUpdated\SoliteraTA_Playground\scripts\Alert_Events -executionName=abc 

Error Handling #

  • Always use double backslashes (\\) or front slashes (/)  in file paths
  • The CLI will indicate if there is an issue with any of the parameters.
  • Do not close the CLI interface during execution to avoid interruption.

Output and Logging #

  • After each execution, a report is generated in the specified execution folder, named after the execution.

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