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Introduction: – #

The “ImageRepo” feature is an integral component of our automation tool, designed to streamline the management and utilization of images within automated processes. This document provides a comprehensive demonstration of how to leverage this feature effectively for automation purposes.

This section describes how we used image-based tests in the automation of an application. An image-based test consists of a sequence of operations on UI elements in your tested application such as clicks, drag and drop operations, verification and so on.

Add Images: – #

To add an image into a project, follow these steps: –

  1. Go to the environment section.
  2. Select your project and click on it.
  3. By default, there are two folders available, one for release and other for store that is used for image storing. Click on store option.
  4. By default, ‘ImageRepo’ folder is open. Right click on the ImageRepo folder and create a new folder in which you want to store your image collection.
  5. After creating the folder, right click on the folder and add your image into this folder. There are two ways to add an image: –
    • By capturing the image (capture the image of immediate open window)
    • By uploading the image from your directory
  6. Provide the image name and click on add image button.
  7. Users can also crop multiple images from the main image and save it by providing different names and using it at the time of scripting.
    • Note: – It is compulsory to add at least one crop image as per your requirement

Note: –Users can change ImageRepo threshold as per their need by Setting<<Config<<Tool Config

Process to use ImageRepo at the time of script automation: – #

  1. Go to the environment section. 
  2. Right click on the required image and copy the image path.
  3. Then go to element file and create a element for this required image.
  4. Now use this image element at the time of image test creation.
  5. Users can use it for multiple operations such as clicking on specific images, for image verification etc.

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