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Mobile Testing

System Configuration #

  1. Installation of java (JDK) – 
    1. Download and install the JDK 1.8 from – Java Downloads | Oracle
    2. Specify the path to your JDK version in the JAVA_HOME environment variable. To do this, open the Control Panel, search for “environment variables”, in the subsequent dialog, click Environment Variables, and then set the variable value:
  1. Install Nodejs and NPM fromDownload | Node.js (
  2. Install Appium –  [Version should be 1.22.3]
    1. Run the below command on Command Prompt
      1. npm -g install Appium@1.22.3
  3. Install Android Studio from the below link

Android Studio download archives  |  Android Developers

*Remarks –

  1. Please accept the terms and condition of Android Studio and download the below pack

Android Studio Electric Eel | 2022.1.1 Patch 1 January 31, 2023

  1. After Installation Android Studio, Install Android SDK from Configure > SDK Manager and set the path to ‘environments variables’ > ‘System Variables’ as below
    1. ANDORID_HOME –    C:\Users\<User-Name> \AppData\Local\Android\Sdk
      1. <User-Name> – Please replace this word as per your user’s name 
    2. Note – Please check the ANDROID_HOME is updated or not by Command prompt, the Command is below –
      1. echo %ANDROID_HOME%  -: 

Check If you find the same path as given in environments variable then path is set, otherwise you have to re-start you PC.

  1. Add some path into your environment’s variables –
    1. User Variables for <User_Name>
      1. Click on path, add new path and paste it   %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\platform-tools
    2. System Variable 
      • Click on path, add new path and paste it  
        C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio\bin

Mobile Phone Configuration #

  1. Open Developer Mode – 
    • Go to your mobile phone setting
    • Click on About phone 
    • Tap 5 times on Build Version until the Developer mode enabled
  2. Enable USB Debugging and others –
    • Go to Developer mode settings
    • Enable USB Debugging
    • Enable Install via USB [enable if exists]
    • Enable USB Debugging (Security settings) [enable if exists]
  3. Connect to USB and check if it is connected with ADB
    • Connect to USB and allow File Transfer/ Android Auto
    • And run command – adb devices
    • Note – above id of the device is used as UDID to connect with the same device.

Application File Configuration #

Application file format

    <name>Configuration Name </name>
    <device_name>Mobile_Device_Name </device_name>
    <platform_name>Android </platform_name>
    <app_package_name>App_Package_Name </app_package_name>
    <app_main_activity_name>App_Activity_Name </app_main_activity_name>

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