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Reports Module

  • Reports module consists of detailed  reports generated after a successful execution of the test scripts
  • User can view their report on the report dashboard by clicking on “Go to dashboard” button  in these format: Passed report, failed report, pending report
  • User can filter their report from the dashboard  based on the execution period

  • Users can also filter their report by using the filter option available on the release board in these formats: Passed execution,Failed execution, In Progress execution and Pending execution. Report is also available in project structure
  • For each execution a report is generated which gives detailed information of each step for every test script that was run under that execution
  • Information is represented in the form of table that consists of test step name its execution time, execution date, status and a screenshot taken at the time of execution  
  • In the summary section, users can view all the failed and passed script in table format.
  • The user can also view the full detail of test execution from the detail section.
  • Users can also see the error detail by clicking on the view button in the detail section.
  • Users can also re-execute, add to the playlist and delete the report by right clicking on the selected report
  • Users can also download and print their report in excel and pdf format
  • User can upload their test report on Test Rail by using “Test Managment Result Upload” option available on the top right of the report.

Below are some of the report editing tool icons:-

Re-execute Button
Add to Playlist Button
 Download Report
Print Report
Deleted Report
Passed Report
Pending Report
In-Progress Report
Interrupted Report
Test Management result upload
Debug Mode

Debug Mode:-

Debug mode is a feature of the software that enables the developer or tester to facilitate a deeper understanding of its behavior and quick identification of any issues or bugs.

To enable debug mode in the report, click on the debug icon present on the top right corner of the report.

Discuss typical scenarios or problems where using debug mode is beneficial, such as

  1. Troubleshooting specific application errors or crashes.
  2. Performance tuning by observing detailed performance data and metrics.
  3. Monitoring application behavior during development to ensure logic is executed as expected.

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